I have a lot of customers asking me why i only process transactions through PayPal. I even received an email from one nice lady (you know who you are) who thought i should know how inconvenient it was, to have to join another "club" just to purchase from my site. She went on, suggesting that i was either lazy, or a PayPal affiliate who profits from new members (i'm not). So, i thought i'd offer an explanation, just in case anyone else was curious. This explanation is in the form of prompts, followed by helpful links... because i'm lazy. 

(The last one is my favorite)

Each additional company that has your payment information puts you more at risk. So, by only offering payment gateway via PayPal, am i increasing the chance that your information could be stolen? 


Advantages to using PayPal to buy online?


What happens when you don't use secure gateways like PayPal (like number 1872 in the second link)?

According to an article released by the BBC (which you can read here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-37643754), "Almost 6,000 web shops are unknowingly harboring malicious code that is stealing the credit card details of customers"

The original document which is linked in the BBC report no longer goes to the list of effected sites, you can find those sites on the list here: https://gitlab.com/gwillem/public-snippets/snippets/28813