There was a problem. We solved it. And we like to share.

I was a long time customer of another small business that offered cleaned up versions of popular films. I first began searching for such a service after attempting to share one of my old favorite movies with my 13 year old step son. Though i hadn't seen the film in a very long time, i remembered it being very funny and entertaining. Long story short; the film was Airplane!... and we didn't get through much of it. 

Soooo... I did some research, found a website, purchased a copy of the film that had been edited for content, and was able to enjoy it once again. I was thrilled that i had discovered such a wonderful service! I loved that i could share the classics with my family, without trying to remember where to pause or skip. And i was finally able to comfortably view films that i had originally missed out on due to the disagreeable content. I was in a conservative housewife/busy work-at-home mother's/step mother's paradise.

Until i wasn't...

I ordered one time, to make sure it was a legit resource. Flawless experience. I got excited and ordered a second time, but a lot more titles. We had some shipping issues and some customer service issues; but i got it, stuff happens. Unfortunately, "stuff" didn't stop happening. There were issues on top of issues that no one cared to resolve. They would show some interest in rectifying a situation, just to abandon me, always with some new incentive to buy more. I couldn't win. After doing some digging into the company, i found that my experience wasn't so unusual. 

Sooo... I did some research, found an editing team, and now we aim to provide a reliable source for cleaned up media. Not only are we determined to provide fast shipping, quick issue resolve, and fair pricing; but above all, a superior provider/consumer relationship. You will never be outsourced, never be ignored, and (hopefully) never unsatisfied.

Wednesday Kayne


Although edited for content, select titles may contain subject matter that may be inappropriate for younger viewers. Parents please use discretion.
know that these films may not be edited entirely from offensive material. Although void of nudity, graphic violence, and offensive vocabulary; the story line remains overt. That being said (written/read), even the titles with an R rating are diluted to between pg-13 and G rated standards.

Thank you for your support.

[Another Note:]

We are in no way affiliated with any other company of the same intent (the other guys). We are brand new, independent, family owned and operated, considerate Utah locals.
Thats all :)